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Internal Competitions

Here’s a list of this year’s competition winners

Triples Shield : Chris Stokes, Kate Smith, Dave Taylor

Jubilee Shield : Caroline Gill, Chris Hayden

Club Shield : Dave Watts, Josie Foulsham

Open Doubles : Jan Lovesey and Paul Knight

Len Austin Shield : Phil Wattis, Graham Harris

Plate : Mike Reck

The Open : John Bishop

Ladies Open : Jan Lovesey

Men’s Singles : Phil Wattis

Ladies Singles : Meriel Jones



Internal Competitions

Here’s a list of this year’s competition winners

Triples Shield : Chris Stokes, Pauline Boyett and Graham Harris

Jubilee Shield : John Raybone and Rowan Green

Open Doubles : Jan Lovesey and Paul Knight

Len Austin Shield : Meriel Jones and Caron Jennings

Plate : Gordon Sewell

The Open : Les Guest

Ladies Open : Chris Stokes

Men’s Singles : George Atkinson

Ladies Singles : Pat Bishop



A warm welcome back to Wythall Bowling Club. From 17th May, many of the COVID restrictions were lifted, however we must all still take care, ensure our hands are sanitised, any shared equipment is sanitised before and after use and Jacks wiped each end. Take care, consider others, maintain your distance, but enjoy your bowls.

Internal Competitions

Despite the restrictions, we managed to complete most of the internal competitions. Here’s a list of all the winners:

Triples Shield : Gordon Sewell, Peter Statham and Helen Hill

Jubilee Shield : Audrey Cox and Chris Stokes

Open Doubles : Terry Birch and Chris Monington 

Len Austin Shield : Barbara Rock and Shirley Barlow 

Plate : Mike Reck

The Open : Les Guest

Ladies Open : Chris Monington

Mens Singles : Les Guest

Ladies Singles : Chris Monington


Amazingly, we were blessed with good weather for all the Sunday competitions. Thank you to everyone who took part, supported, organised and helped out.

Here’s the winners and finalists from the 2021 Finals Day on 12th September.

2021 Finals Day: Chris Stokes, Colin Parkes, George Atkinson, Clive Dolphin, Les Guest, Mike Reck.


Despite the COVID restrictions, we did still manage to get a few internal competitions completed in 2020. Congratulations to our winners and runner ups.

From left to right : Vic Foulsham, Ashley Rose, Sally Anne Rose, Ray Morgan, Pat Bishop and Les Guest.


Congratulations to our ‘A’ team who plays in the Yardley Wood League. They have been promoted to the Premier Division.
Congratulations to our Thursday Night ‘A’ Team who were runners up in the Heart of England Cup.
Congratulations to our Sunday Morning Team who were the runners up in the cup final of the Sid Stephens Rose Bowl.

Internal Competitions
As well as our league bowling and social bowling, we also hold internal competitions for members. These include individual handicaps, doubles, and also some seeded doubles where new or social players can team up with the more experienced players for a chance to win a trophy.

Below are some of the finalists from the 2019 competitions.

Internal Competition Winners 2019
2019 Finals day : Dave Watts, Stephen Rynne, Phil Richardson, Chris Monington, Pat Bishop, Carol Bettam, Ashley Rose and Mick Reck